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The way of spiritual progress

There are three signs of physical fitness – (1) Frankish appetite, (2) deep sleep, (3) energy to work. There are also three signs of spiritual abilities – (1) The inclusion of excellence in contemplation, (2) allegiance to the character and, (3) the abundance of the manliness of virtuous spiritual in behavior. These are called worship, meditation, and worship. There is a sign of spiritual progress; The God who gives the god In other words, it can also call meditation or service meditation. If the personality will emerge in courtesy, then there will definitely be a sense of service. Service meditates virtue, deeds, nature in the form of meditation. It can also be said that when decency arises, it will not be able to survive without being immovable. On earth, the Goddesses living in the human body are called ‘earth-god’. It is used for the sage and Brahmin class. Brahmins are permeated in a limited area, and the saints reach the place where they are needed, with the aim of promoting the realization as the ascetic. Their activities spell the life of life like the wind. Greenery produces rain like clouds. Whether it has benefited from spiritual progress or not, it is recognized on these two criteria that whether excellence is visible in contemplation and human dignity in character. Along with this, the suppression of godliness is implemented or not.

Broadly, charity is called charity. But a deeper inscription of thought is necessary. Accelerated, accidental crises require instant help. Similarly, the disabled, the disadvantages should also be provided. In addition to this, those indigenous people, backward persons should be indirectly assisted by whom they can become self-reliant. They should be given labor, as well as the value of labor so that humanitarian subsistence becomes possible. Gandhi gave importance to cotton cloth in this view that if we adopt it, we get jobs. Other cottage industries also fall in this category. Raise the means of eliminating unemployment. Assistance has been provided to the disadvantaged people. The promotion of freebies is not a charity. It makes a habit of insensitivity. Obesity and addiction flourish. The person gets the feeling of inferiority and the arrogant ego increases. Both of these tendencies are harmful to both parties, so it should be donated keeping in view the rationale and correct results. Otherwise, misuse of money is done in the name of donation and the enthusiasm of self-esteem decreases.

Both are considered paramount knowledge donations. It is also called a sage pray. The good habits and the realities should be said to be the true devotees. In the absence of truth, only people adopt many evils and fall into the pit of decadence. If the path of right thinking can be reached, then it should be understood that the all-capable person has found a way to solve your problems. There is no one except the disabled, disabled or accident-stricken people, who not rise high after getting a path to correct thinking, not move forward, you do not solve your problems. Therefore, the priority should be to adopt this policy for spiritual advancement that for the sophistication of the masses, the utmost efforts should be made for the promotion of truth, according to its merit and circumstances.

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