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The rituals for well being

The weekly practice is the meditation of silence. Silence should not be less than two hours. In silence, the practice of life accumulation can continue moving along. In addition to this dedicated work, one should try to do the same for daily practice, self-study, restraint service, as much as possible for any of the four initiatives. In view of the direct opportunity for service activities, there should instead try to increase some more than the daily pledge of financial contribution. This amount should be taken for the purpose of knowledge advancement of knowledge enhancement. To help the victims, nothing should be done on every occasion, but it should also be included in the normal order. The enlightenment is a high-level sage, with which the welfare of the human beings is connected. The day of weekly meditation should be put in such best practices.
Some rituals have to be followed in the rituals – (1) If fasting does not become more then one should eat food or tasteless fast at one time. (2) Cure of spirituality- Regulation of sex and pornography. (3) Do your physical services as soon as possible. (4) Do not use violent leather equipment. The table on plank or bed on the floor the purpose of all these rules is that for nine days, no luxurious or disorganized autocratic life will be allowed. In this, there will be more inclusive of law and order system of restraint. Nine days of practice remain shadow on the next six months and keep in mind that the restive life plays the double role of autism and world welfare. Therefore, the lifestyle should be linked with this direction.

At the end of the ritual, the ancient tradition of the form of fulfillment is sages. Due to the absence of suitable Brahmin, this act is also done in the form of giving food to nine girls these days. The girls can be of any kind. In this provision, the feeling of recognition of women in the form of Goddess is embodied. The girls are considered to be even more sacred due to being virtuous human.

There is also another popular form of distribution of Brahma food. There is also a rule of sharing some sweet things in small quantities in the offerings. There is a purpose to reach the benefit of your grant to more people, even if it is only in small amounts! It is therefore good to sweeten the mouth of a hundred than to fill one’s stomach because it is believed that those who give it and those who take it experience the need to understand and expand the glory of that expansion of the religion.

This work can fulfill the intended objective of distributing cheaper era literature than confectionery distribution. A very cheap guide named ‘Age of Creation’ is better suited for this purpose. Similar booklets are also published by the era construction Scheme, which can be used to sell or sell at a lower cost. In the rituals, it should also be associated with the process of distribution of offerings in the form of discouragement of Brahma food.

Locally seekers should work together for nine days in one place. In the end, collectively offer the sacrifice. If you can arrange a banquet, as well as story-telling spiritual discourse can keep the order of enlightenment then that collective event becomes an aroma-like venture.

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