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The unnecessary spend of money

Like food, people also find joy in clothes. People who find happiness and contentment by wearing a variety of dresses wear it as fun. People spend a great amount of money on clothes, thinking that wearing good clothes will make us look very beautiful and beautiful. Others will be impressed by seeing our prostitution and the big man will understand. This amazement and charm of people towards you will be pleasurable, okay! It happens too! Same kind of people are attracted, attracted and attracted by seeing others’ attire, but what about real joy in this? For whom curiosity or astonishment of someone becomes cause of joy, it not be considered as a high-minded person. The prudence of some people is a sign of ignorance and attraction and inferiority. None of these can be a matter of mercy or regret for any wise person, no joy and no joy. In the hope of happiness, spending more than clothes on clothing is useless. Clothing is a tool to hide body and body. Clothing like food is a general requirement of the body which has to be completed. There is no such thing as fun name except for a normal feature in fulfillment of the requirement. Experiencing any pleasure in performance of  clothes of  skinned and light-minded people. So also transient, misguided and traumatized pleasures.

 people of  world regard  high level of living as a source of joy. They think as much as a luxurious house, as much as lightning and fan’s air, as well as the couch, mattresses, beds and pillows, the more gold that can be decorated and decorated, the more enjoyment there will be. According to their perception, they put a big shop in a big box. Like the unemployed, where are  houses of their house  more it comes,  more it falls. Do not know what people enjoy in store? The truth is that what he finds joy in it, on  contrary,  unnecessary harnesses are equally responsible for  maintenance and protection of the guard. One major problem with this problem is that when one item is broken or old, it is necessary to worry about the cost of placement. Many times, people go to the ill-fated roads due to the misconception of this joy. If they lack the money to keep these accessories or to maintain it, they exploit them towards dishonesty, cheating and corruption. Expecting happiness from such measures is as ridiculous as  anticipation of  inauspicious of the inauspicious,  house and the gift are the tools of the convenience of the common man. With the help of which can save themselves from natural changes and be safe. If there is joy in big houses and unnecessary reserves, there are thousands of such people in  world who can be called mammon in the name of buildings and stores. But are they happy? If he could produce his unnecessary sorcery, he might have got so much stock of joy that if he wanted, he could have his business. It is not wise to imagine the joy in decoration and to kill it in vain for its accumulation.

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