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The highest summit of dignity

Uncertainty, restlessness, annoyance, irritability, sadness, disappointment, irritation, discontent, guilt, anxiety, fear, and fear are all symptoms of mental illness called ‘disdain’. Who has treated unjustly with others, hatred for others in hearts of others, and has become a character of disdain in the mind of concerned people, he will never be able to remain calm and enjoy the joy of mental health. He will continue to suffer the above mental disturbance and will not even breathe the satisfaction of one moment. The patient never grunts, sometimes he yells, sometimes tells about the absconding, sometimes restless with a headache. He does not have the time to calm down the night similarly, the diseases of a disorderly malady which are attacking every hour, the mental patient suffers in a painful and miserable condition. Even if he has a lot of heaps of money, even if he enjoys a splendid palace, fine clothes, tasty food, but if he is really seen, he lives a bad person even worse than a poor laborer. The sleepy sleeper who sleeps poor laborer does not have the luck of that patient and rich. Being patient in the body is a curse of life. Who destroyed his mental health, thought that he had destroyed the nectar in drain.


If others have respect for you, respect, goodwill, they will flow such a cool, peaceful, joyful electric current invisibly, which will become healthier by reaching you, like the climate of the seas and mountain regions. Who has not treated anyone unjustly, did not cheat, did not do any harm, he would never see sad, sad and unsatisfied, because his intercession knows that I have not eaten inedible, have not done any work, have not spread evil has not increased the disaster. From the mind, by word, in action, who wants the interest of others, has given parametta priority over selfishness. Humility, generosity, the practice of fancy, honesty has satisfied relation with people, it is a letter of true respect. In his vision, as it is, in fact, some people will think of him as it is, some people can remain confused for some time, but in the end, the truth will appear, the good will always be good. He will receive true respect from himself and others, he will confirm his mental health in a respectable environment. Pleasure, satisfaction, calmness, stability, and joy will keep his mind alive. This life will be heaven for him, even if he remains poor with wealth in terms of wealth.


The Great Imran used to say that it is good to live a momentary life with respect to living a thousand years of humiliation, indeed joy of life is in dignity with respect, living with self-respect. Please understand this fact that if there is animosity in your conscience, then it will always be used to achieve self-esteem. The respected person wants to live life and the deficiencies can be tolerated in some way but the awakened heart cannot tolerate lack of respect. It is natural that hunger is natural, it is Goddess. To extinguish stomach hunger, we do the industry, it is also a duty to extinguish the hunger of the soul, to try to honor and achieve it. Only by following this duty can we get rid of spiritual restlessness and fulfillment benefits.

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