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The benefits of yoga

The fasting stomach is a weekly relaxation. It becomes a synonym for six-day anomalies and gives an opportunity to get the right path for further progress. If the fast does not become water then the juice of juice or fruit juice can be taken. It can be on milk, buttermilk too. If this too does not happen, then you have to do a fast for a time. It should be done for a quiet time of two hours without proper timing of silence. This icon worship also keeps the remembrance of purpose for both purposes and remains focused on the limitations that are followed in the future. In the weekly special practice, establishing control over the tongue is the first step.

The second is the basis – on the day of spirituality, physical spirituality must be obeyed. It should be far away from sex, and to adopt mental spirituality, it is necessary to remove the senses of obscenity, obscene fantasies. See the male woman as a goddess and see the woman as a deity and submit to the fevered mind. Brother-sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, both sides raise holy emotions for each other. Even the husband and wife also have a high level of affinity of half-head to each other. Treat obscenity as a part of ill-treatment and do not hit such kinds of durations.

The entire spiritual life is done only when there is coordination with the body and mind as well as mental reverence. It increases morale and gets rid of many of the malicious entities linked to sexuality. If the emotion is kept centered on this goal every day of the week, then its effect will remain for another six days.

Third Weekly Practice – life accumulation in the solitary confluence of the eye, it should be introverted and should be meditated that the world is full of vivid life consciousness. On attracting the invited, he can be available to anyone at any time in abundance. Its method is yoga. There are many laws of yoga- legislation. But the only one of them is that the spinal cord should be seated. Eyes shut on both hands knees the body is stable and the mind should be kept calm.

When breathing, feel that the worldly life consciousness is entering the entire body through the nasal passage. He is holding the cell in his body completely. Life, mind, and heart are being exposed to the life force. While breathing, keep these emotions mature. When leaving breath, it should be considered that the intestinal disorders in the physical and mental areas are coming out with breath and their return door is shutting down. Experience with this exclusion should be that the unwanted elements are being removed and the entire personality is experiencing lightness. The situation of brightness and authenticity is emerging.

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