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The soul is unique and powerful

Man is not the body but he is the operator of the body. It is not only because the mind is inspired by the order, but it is also imposed in any good evil deeds, and how can you believe in the wisdom that gives knowledge of true-false? The analysis shows that this body, the senses, mind, and intellect are made up of the Sat-Raj-Tam portion. The power root is the substance, so the soul is also unique and powerful. It is the operator, the subtle and the creator of power, the divine is omnipresent. Those who know this element have lost all their sorrows.

Most of the human world is getting degenerated because of which he should do the work, he does not. The biggest worry is that even after being mature and intelligent, they do not follow the path which is the welfare and which can increase the happiness in life. Understood in the cycle of some kind of temptation, people are motivated towards unworthy actions and they are considered to be the source of happiness and forget about the spirit which is sitting within them. In this very fortune and enjoyment, life makes it a delight. Sometimes they do not consider self-element when they are in depth. What does this idiot say to man, who claims to be a foolish person, who claims to be a great knower but does not even know himself?

The summary is that people have progressed in relation to the root matter today, in relation to chemistry, it is in that very early stage. Science has transformed the physical and mental world, its impact has been severely over the man because, in today’s programs, the basic nature of human beings is not considered, that is why physics and chemistry Have transformed the paradigmatic life system into a neutral change. If subjects were selected only on the basis of the all-round progress of man, then there would be more intelligent. Self-knowledge is the process by which this problem can be solved. Do not look outside the objects of the outside, also think about the strange movements that are happening within the body. The diet goes into the stomach, and then no one knows how it turns into sapphire metals such as juice, blood, meat bone, etc. While eating a lot of harmful substances, the human remains alive, which is the unique nectar element which is running important machinery like the body. If you know it, then you will know the whole world. This whole world is organized in that soul itself.
That is, ‘There is no different pace than the soul, the whole universe is soulful, there is nothing separate from the soul, it is not even a straw different from the soul.’

Without knowledge of the worldwide consciousness, the soul did not achieve peace and stability. The ambition to live a successful life should be considered over and over again. Search for ancient religious texts, creation, and spirituality. To identify yourself

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