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Humanity is supernatural art of divine

Humanity is supernatural art of divine. He is great creation of Supreme Lord of universe. Spirit completes most part of his journey in human body. In other organisms, it also has more facilities. This life is very convenient. All the facilities and eternal powers have come here, so that man should not complain that God has deprived him of some kind and carelessness. Even after finding such a priceless human body, which keeps on drowning in the darkness, it can be said without being destitute. Being confused with enlightenment, living in the captivity of work, anger, attachment, greed etc., in this man’s life, as the root and the living, is really a matter of great misfortune. But even then, it does not live to blame man. Not in evil, it is only natural, beautiful and entertaining in its natural form. As a child, she is born with the same basic nature, but she is lost in her own motives by being inadvertent, harmful education, bad consolation, poisonous environment, and a miserable society, and is like a small animal. Begins to lead an indecisive life.

Therefore, blasphemy should not be done to the defects of human beings, which are able to push man from light into darkness. The life of a human being is like any tool made in the framework of social life, which seems right to give credit to social education and immediate circumstances only to be good. If a person wants to be motivated by virtue and ideals, then he should try to create a beautiful lucid environment by removing malice, maladies. It is not appropriate to impose self-defiance on a class, person or society in order to fulfill its ambition. With this humanity is tarnished. We do that, so that the curtain of ignorance is destroyed and the light of divine knowledge shines all over.

 General rule of convenient travel is that from time to time the passengers leave their place for others. Any travel can be deviated from the reactions of getting down and climbing. Such a system should also be in human life too. God has made this rule that man should use this vehicle only for a certain time and for the next to leave that place safe for anyone else. It is a type of responsibility to build future citizens of the visitors with cleverness and intelligence. Do not take care of your selfish interest, leave the environment for the incoming traveler so that he can fulfill his travel facility and wisely.

Doctors of duty do not have so much. Many other travelers are traveling along with me. As humanity, they also have right to travel smoothly like you. If you have got some more power and strength, then it does not mean that you harass others by forcefully harass them. Do not let yourself enjoy fun and sit comfortably. Our sages had established an arrangement that every citizen would receive the same things as his needs would be fulfilled, the remaining part should be distributed to other victims of  society, so that no disturbances in the society were spread. Regardless of the inequality, whether it is of wealth or of land, every rebate will create revolt in the mind of the sufferer and it will spread social evils. Therefore, justice should never be abandoned. In the interest of everyone, one should not be alienated from humanity, regardless of his own interest. In this, peace is happiness and orderliness. Human beings avoid these evils, for that, every watch should keep their objective in front of it. The disturbance in travel spreads when its original goal is forgotten.

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