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The basis of happiness

The name of the aspiration of the soul is a joy. From humans to insect kites, as many creatures are desired, all desire for joy. The life of the creatures is joy and joy is on its hopes – the man himself is a joyous person. This nature of the world has lost its nature. She is trying to find and find her only. His whole life-course is an undertaking to get happiness. If a man is busy in pleasures and pleasures, and if he becomes suffering from tolerance, he also brings pain, happiness and joy is also desirable and the human life Goal

Two types of fun or categories are considered. An excellent and second defect. Those who can be called worldly or subjective and spiritual or spiritual. The desire for joy and happiness is all done. But what is the desirable joy, which category and level it is, that only a few people understand? The desirable joy of man is a virtually spiritual joy. Whereas people forget it and find it, find and find worldly pleasures. Worldly or ecstatic rejoicing is like a catfish, miserable and overwhelming. This truth and real joy are only spiritual or spiritual joy. This is true and real. On receiving it, disappearance becomes satisfied with the desired form of joy. A man should seek spiritual joy only for true satisfaction and complete fulfillment and try to collect it.

Worldly or subject matter relies on fun objects and circumstances. People who are entertained by the delusional of this subject matter will have to accept the following man’s level person and will have to regret that such people do not know the importance of living between low and low, poor and excellent, low and superior, and poor or cheap flows into the flow of water. The unbelieving people enjoy the entertainment and transient fulfillment in food, clothing, lifestyle, subject matter and enjoyment, and they are constantly enjoying the same day as a crusher bull. In this misguided endeavor all lives give up and without getting the glimpse of desirable real happiness, they depart from the world without any glimpse and are trapped in the world cycle again by the redemption of dissatisfaction and hunger.

People of the general category think so much of happiness if they keep getting good, delicious and simple food. Due to its similar belief, the residence of joy is very much in eating and laughing, they collect good food and a variety of cuisines. Frequently they taste the taste and try to get the joy of satisfaction and rejuvenation. A couple of times the juice and the dishes seem to be good, but due to the same greed, the frequency is reversed and their taste is answered, the juice gets faded. Then there is no repercussion in the consumption of them and neither the novelty they become the people who become lifeless and uplifted. It is a matter of consideration that if there was real joy in the food of the food, then in the third-fourth instance, that juice is not lost in its specialty, food is a normal requirement of life-saving which can be fulfilled with any suitable substance. Expecting real joy in him and his kind is nothing but dullness. The simplicity which comes through the necessity of fulfillment of the necessity and the loss of the appetite, is its specialty, just before it there is no object named pleasure. It is not wise to accept this attribute of food like a real joy and stick to it. Nothing can be said except for the introduction of lower level instinct.

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