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The time management

As soon as sun rises, a new day of life begins and day ends until sunset. Thus, every day decreases from age one day. This program of Age-Decay has begun only after birth, but due to increased workload of various types of work, it is not possible to know passing time. Such occasions often come every day when people see life, old age, distress, disease and death, thought-provoking views, but how much sadness, wretched and unreasonable is man of this earth that, seeing everything, with his eyes, Conscience and thoughts remain blind only with eyes.  person who is engaged in temptation and worldly turmoil, sitting in solitary confluence, does not even think that what is  purpose of being born in this classical male, where are we, where are we coming from and where are we going?

Flooded man of nature-flow loses this precious opportunity by making the pleasures of the world, the pleasures of the senses, the ownership of substances, the wealth, the son, and the various desires,  goal of life itself. In end, when time of clock comes out and on head, when there appears to be a terrible burden of sins, misdeeds, then there is heavy repentance, severe repression and internal disturbance. Even if the deal was sold then what? Nobody with the vast wealth of immense wealth, the son and daughter-in-law, does not accompany them. All the world, the conditions here are visible to everyone, but all of them are out of use at that time. Does not even body your body together only junkies carrying burdens of good and bad rituals will get up from here. At that time, how much instability happens, it will be understood by a person who is hungry.

The person who has lost consciousness in the life of a human being is from the untouchables. Respecting knowledge will raise questions from within us Who is ours what we are? What should we do? Knowledge of it exists inside us, but because of not having a right view of our life, all the wisdom is devoted and weaker. Man’s first happiness is to not let it be in life goal. This is possible only when there is a proper and proper knowledge of duties. Humans have forgotten the duties themselves. When he wants to do something, he does not care for the needs of the omen, but he wants to know what is my advantage in it? If you think of the benefits of others than your profit, then the rise and fall of human beings is only on the knowledge of duty and mischief.

In practical life, nobody wants to fall down. All have high and long hopes for a high rise. Every man wants to prove himself high. For this they collect confirmation and proof in their own way and express them even when it is time. Raising higher is also the natural religion of man, but if someone is asked whether he has considered this serious question deeply? Did he ever think of what he planned to fulfill this aspiration? Most people will not be able to penetrate depth of this mysterious question. Point is straightforward. Greatness is hidden in man and seeks the way to be expressed, but a man suffering from worldly desires wants to forget that self-motivation, wants to be rejected. Humiliated soul is quietly lying in body and man remains lying in light of irony only.

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