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The paramount quality of humanity

Have you ever wondered why such a straightforward innocent animal makes such an irritant? There is no particular evil in the dog. The one who gets dry-dry gets satisfaction in the same. Night watch awakes and makes heavy work of caution. No one bothers with the boss, but because of so many qualities, people keep him happy. If the demerits were more then he would not have anybody standing. Wolves etc. are also of dog caste and of the same color, but they are not beneficial for human beings, so no one dares to raise them. The dog certainly does have any quality, only when it is raised. Only then it is raised. Otherwise, the business-skilled man never gave him a place in his house. Even so, a particular error appears in it, due to which man gets rid of his imitation with a dog. The horses, elephants, lions, cows, deer, rabbits, etc. are also animals, belong to the same species of animal which is a dog. If someone is likened to horses, elephants, lions, cows, deer, and rabbits, then it will avoid laughter in the form of entertainment, but if it is called ‘dog’ it will be burnt.

Due to the flaw that the dog is deemed to be so deceptive, it seems like being abusive against him, ‘lack of self-esteem’. The dog shakes the bread for a piece of bread, the boss licks the feet, but does not say anything even after being insulted thousands of times. Man’s conscience says that ‘tolerating dishonesty’ is the biggest harrowing trauma. He can tolerate the dog, not the humans. It is said that ‘the wound of the sword is filled, but the wound of insult does not fade’ People prefer to give life rather than humiliation. A stupid insect like a snake takes an act of revenge, an inferior person like Ant is eating a bite; Humans also put a stance on everything to protect self-respect. There is a dispute to humiliate the degrading person, the lawsuit fights, the sticks run, the blood flows and everything that can happen to him does everything. Human nature can tolerate everything, but the humiliation of humiliation cannot be brought down from the throat. Man is a respected creature, being dishonored is to have a confrontation on his spiritual right. The person who has his right over the money, house, land, and property, man is strongly opposed to it.


The basic right of the soul is respect. Fish want to live in clean water. We are suffocated in the smoke and we do not like to live in that place, our consolation never comes to bear insulting status. Those who have crushed and crushed their conscience, have made a dead person, have made the blind, dumb, deaf, always posting the daily post, we do not say it. The rest of those people, where a human being is left, will not like dishonesty, and as opposed to the unpleasant situation, will try as much as possible to survive. That is why humans do not like their comparison with dogs. No matter how many qualities, but if he does not protect his honor, then it will be considered as hateful, lowly, degenerated and unjust. Humanity comes to learn this truth in the mother’s womb. Even without listening to the orders of the sermon of the guru, every human being properly examines the true principle of self-pride. When he does not see the most essential and paramount quality of humanity, he does not want to disrespect him by comparing him in the dog. This is the reason to say ‘dog’ to say abuse.

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