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The pleasure of self-realization

In the physical sense, how much human beings are burnt, if not only intellectually, but also in the intellectual sense, it may be that although the roots of religion are felt, in the absence of self-property, it will be said to be semi-developed like a gull snake. A pleasure of self-realization increases even more than the hundred thousand of happiness in the world. Leaders with spiritual property, see the Jan-way. Despite being a poor man, even big palaces fall in their feet and beg for mercy. This proves that man’s greatness is not external. His power properties are hidden on development. On the basis of inner superiority, its superiority is proved. Physical assets are trivial, and for some time they are destroyed by greatness or greatness.

Even if his purpose is not known to the human body, even if its purpose is not known, then no use of this rare opportunity is used for the person’s body and body of the animal-the spiritual practice of self-welfare which not be done in this life.

Come out a little and see, how vast this world is, how big it is. Standing under the open sky of the night, run around the eyes, look at how many planets constellation are scattered. How big is the spread of this world? But the time to consider all of these things will be achieved only after removing the mind from the indulgent instincts and looking at these extraordinary subjects too. Wishes are the ones who stand our way. It is selfish – which stands on the path of self-development. We are not able to move towards greatness, because of jealousy, hatred, work, anger, fear, and greed.

We should be generous and create courage and stand up to withstand the difficulties of spiritual life, and see if we are constantly present for the achievement of greatness, whether it is in real form or not. Truth is hidden in us, it is awakened by religion. The power has come to sleep within us, it is the only way of life, that is the only way of meaningfulness of life.

The one who gets fear-free peace, the same religion, is the goal. The rights of another are protected by us. Be free from the greedy right of self. Your welfare is in a desire-less, lustful and unshakable bondage. This is a mistake. This leads to deflation. From this, the man keeps on spending all his life in misery and misery. Joy and peace are not in enjoyment, luxury, honesty, and purity of man. The virtues of human beings are hidden only in the virtues which all the shortcomings of life are dispelled.

Man’s determination towards life-force should be strong. By making him strong by thought and discretion, he will have to shove up deeper into his life, then only the success of achieving life’s goal can be achieved. The more you think about the world and the circumstances here, the more the discretion will increase, the understanding will come and the self-welfare will

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