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The power of concentration

In the journey of a little from importance, man can proceed only with the support of that element which is nectar himself, is light, it is infinite. And that element is everywhere, it is itself sitting in man, which is not necessary to find elsewhere. This fundamental power lies in everything. In the seed, in the river and in every material of the world and by this same power, they complete their journey. By combining the external means, each material awakens the power of its difference and achieves its goal by moving it towards infinite. Man can also complete his journey by surprise his original power.

The power of the journey from the least to the importance of importance is contained within the human being, through which it can achieve its goal. For this power center contained in the human sphere, it is necessary for man to accomplish such a longing that he should remove the curtains of his differences and see the point. If it is centered with total concentration, then one day his chirp can be completed in itself. At that point, there is only infinite sea, because both properties are from one religion. Indus is settled in human form as the point. One day with the help of this point man can get his speed in the sea. Because the speed of both is in each other. The point of light, immortal, the infinite, is a huge element of human achievement in the same way as the sun’s light spreads everywhere in the morning. When people open the doors of the house built by their hands and look outside, then seeing lord sun vision can be beneficial. That’s why his entire cover also shines from the light of the rays of the sun. Likewise, if we look at the traces of the difference, then we can get the speed, philosophy, and perception of the ultimate element of man.

Why is the human being still wandering, despite the goal of the journey of human life so intuitive and simple? The reason for this is that the human being did not find it in its closest distance and saw the outer world and also the hands on it with the mind-shaped substances. Listen, the musk deer also looks for its inferior musk in the passim grasslands, trees, etc. And in this attempt, he is killed. Likewise, the man also searched the truth of life in external substances, as a result of which he has failed to date. External resources can be helpful, but they not take the form of accomplishment. The glass globe and the iron structure determine the outer appearance of the lanterns but the origin of light depends on the coincidence with the fire of oil and light.

The primary requirement is that man is oriented towards his difference in the journey from little to supremacy. Concentrate all the activities of life and put them in the laboratory of the laboratory. Just as a scientist sits in his laboratory in a corner away from the world, he determines the serious mysteries of science, in the same way, man can find the truth, nectar, and light on one day to explore in his lab. Many mystics have done too. By sitting in the strong fort of difference, a person can achieve all the energy of momentum. Then he can also regulate all external objects and achieve perfection in all the outer areas. It implies that the difference between life and life is divine life. The man wandering in the outer world will be like the helpless soldier who is engaged in the rush of survival, fearlessness, his power center, and the strayed fear, yet he is crushed to the rock of death. Externally, gross life is a demoniacal life in which external successes – for man’s failure, he never misses anything.

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