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The humans are a specific creature

The rights and attributes that are received in human life are for any particular purpose. Other creatures did not get so much comfort. Humans are such a creature that is given precious gifts of beautiful body, thought, conscience, language etc., their significance is when humans use them properly. Even if he does not fulfill his promote goal by attaining unique opportunities like the body of the human body, then it should be considered as the number of other creatures. It is a valuable opportunity to erase  tiredness of birth and birth, when man can achieve the highest peace-loving status of God by consuming his acquired knowledge and means. Those who do not get so much power of instrument-loyalty or those who do not want to go on the path of hardened penis, they can produce good values, goodwill and reverence devotion in this life so that  conditions of  circumstances in  next life will increase even further and gradually Can keep  program moving towards your life goal.

But what about this inauspicious person who is forgetting the self-image and enjoying the lust ‘body’ is enjoying it. Seeing  human being that  body is destructive and similar to other living beings, it has to be found in the dust some day, yet he is going crazy in  mirage of physical pleasures like this that you do not have  knowledge of his true nature. . In the editing of physical pleasures, it destroys most of life. As long as strength and puberty are alive, his sense of wisdom does not open until later, when roots of the rituals get deepened and there is relaxation in the body, then what happens after understanding? Cleverness is only when it will become worthy by accumulating the virtues of human beings during the occasion that there will be no hindrance in returning to this journey satisfactorily.

Our natural religion is that we devote light to this life and move towards it. It took a while, but whenever he got a new life, we would continue to move towards the light. Man’s determination should remain with him. Our discretion should be directed towards the right goal of life like the needle of the pipe so that we do not forget our journey.

In this life, dirty decoctions of work, anger, greed and attachments, keep muddling self-purity. This holy should always strive to overcome divine qualities of spiritual life, reverence, labor and love. Routes, of course, suffer from difficulties and complications. But if you keep moving towards God’s truthful light through truth, reverence, devotion and self-surrender, then these difficulties can not disturb man.

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