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The importance of worship

Time has its own problems and according to circumstances, they have to find solutions too. It not be attributed to ancient legends, mythology and theology, in order to present flow of present and environment. For this era, the mystics have always been recognized forever. These days too, the process will have to be adopted. For this, you will have to take refuge of age consciousness. It will have to pay attention to rewards of sages age. This can be the right way to enhance knowledge. Such literacy enhancement is also needed for literacy, which can prove to be a solution to problems faced by individuals and society. Finding solution of service to worship for worship for self-destruction is to be found on this basis. Believing sophistication and utopia of world man as highest level, era should be established in intellectual, ethical and social fields.

It is said that all the visionary intelligences should be engaged in process of thinking revolution. For this purpose, writing, writing and visual, audio bases should be used so that general can be inspired to recognize and implement era of religion. The universal and universal scientist is the best person today. By neglecting it, giving anything to get the cheapest applause, extempore and say, keeping on writing does not prove any real purpose.

 Primary requirement of era literature is to enlighten this consciousness. On basis of that, it becomes a matter of reading- listening and listening. Teach educated and told to the uneducated, the public flow can be given the right direction. For this, the seekers of Yuga should spend their time and money to run Zola library. Buying discounts is hard for everyone, especially at a time when people do not understand anything other than material selfish means. To listen to the ideals, there is no interest in reading. In such a time, to teach the era literature, to go back to the educated house, if they were given readable material and returned, then due to this, important purpose of knowing person would be complete in every field. The thing to tell the uneducated people should be combined with this.

Topics, gatherings, conferences, narrative discourses have their own importance. It can be called spiritual discourse. Through both writing and voice, both of these works can continue in some form in some form or other. Presenting your example is most effective. People have started to understand that ideals are meant to be heard only – to listen. They not be taken in practical life. The solution to this misconception can be such that the presenter of the ideological thinking of revolution, which is said to be – show what others are expecting to do, throw it into their own behavior. Explaining to yourself, mold is easier than others to improve. The sub-satellites should show their story and do same to those who are spiritually progressing.

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