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The essentiality of spirituality

The wind of the wheels of the motor starts to slow down gradually. After that, new air has to be filled. Coal-water in the rail is paid then it needs to be replenished. If the stomach is empty then new doses have to be taken. A bit of life becomes monotonous, then there is a new effort to transmit a new enchantment in it. The festivals are made so that a new enthusiasm emerged and the further action that came on the basis on the basis of that function is more well-functioned. Celebrating Sunday’s holiday is also to get new freshness and to earn new power to work next week. Special functions of the institutions are also done in such a way that the lethargy in that family can be solved. Nature also does the same. This new novelty is filled with the rainy and rainy season. The earnings of marriage and personal happiness also remind the man to remember these two initiatives, there is an exciting newness in them.

The daily act of life-saving has been told. The emergence of self-realization, the theory of sleep If these four statues started joining daily activities in the first time spiritual discourse, the third time meditation, then there would be four forms of religion, meaning, work and salvation. Four-legged bunker and four-walled building. The four directions, the four characters, the four ashrams, the incarnations are famous. In the daily practice of wisdom, there is synchronized coordination of the above four bases. The rituals have decreased in all of them and the sense of anxiety increased. It is not feared to wander in the confusion of tall rickshaws. While the feeling and aspiration are right, the determination by intelligence is correct. The order of nature and karma-skill also keeps going well. The regularity of daily practice becomes part of nature, and then the life sequence goes down in the same structure.

There are two special festivals of life-saving – one weekly second semi-annual. Weekly fasting usually keeps people on Sunday, Thursday. But due to circumstances, if any other day is convenient, then it can also be adopted. In the half-yearly, come. They have to do meditation for nine days. By keeping the special worship of these two festivals in its determination, the discontent that starts falling in the middle of the day is resolved. On the basis of which the special power is accumulated, the deterioration of procrastination arises.

There are four special rules to be adopted in weekly special practice. These are – 1 fasting, (2) spiritual life, (3) silence and (4) life accumulation. Some of these are those who only have to adopt restraint. Two have to do special work for the two. Tongue and genitalia, these two are strong in ten senses. These instruments are absorbed by the senses. If this first phase is completed then you should understand that there will be no special difficulty in the next monologue.

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